about me

I live in Berkeley, CA. I spent this past summer & fall in the Berkshires. I fell in love with a lake, saw a lot of leaves, and felt many moments of peace. I’m currently searching for that quiet feeling in an urban setting. It’s been fun but relatively unsuccessful.

I make things in an effort to better understand myself and to record impressions of my environment. I investigate ideas at the limits of my language and make possible containers for them. These ideas include memory, loss, knots, and places that no longer exist. The containers include drawings, poems, songs, movements, objects, photographs, videos…

I find myself continually drawn to fabric, thread, watercolors, and books. I also gravitate towards small grocery stores, libraries, bodies of water and parks.

reading list from the past few months –
Richard Brautigan compilations (“The Abortion” was my favorite)
The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk
It Didn’t Start With You by Mark Wolynn
Creative Recovery by Susan Raeburn and Eric Maisel
Deeply Rooted by Bonnie Rose Weaver
Making Ink by Jason Logan
Organic Embroidery by Meredith Woolnaugh

researching – natural dyes, frontier narratives, local geography, mending, plant identification… lots of things !

listening to – podcasts On Being, 99% Invisible, Racist Sandwich

some of my current practices – piano, drawing my breakfast, embroidering on the bus, walking, dancing, aerial silks, ukulele, dressing more colorfully

some artists that have supported/inspired me –
Kim Yasuda
Rose Spanbock
Denise Romero Torres
* if I didn’t mention you, it’s because I’m sleepy and editing carelessly