tijuana river

tijuana river watershed study – indigo thread on linen

This piece was made after participating in the 2019 Border Bioblitz. This event aims to document biodiversity along both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. My mother and I joined a group documenting plants and animals in the Tijuana River Estuary area.

After visiting the estuary, I mapped the Tijuana River watershed in indigo thread. This process was a meditation on interconnectedness and fluid boundaries.

An estuary is where a river joins the ocean. It is where salt water and freshwater mix. I was interested in this changing, natural boundary running alongside the rigid border. Also, the Tijuana watershed is exceptionally polluted. This map shows the complex network branching out, that all lead into the mouth of the river. Pollutants from every part of the watershed condense in this one area.

The border runs through the watershed. The sharp line violently divides the land. However, the natural world flows back and forth through it.